Let me tell you a little story.  At the age of 21 I decided to take on the Famous Hastings Half Marathon a grueling course of Hills… oh my there are a lot of hills!! So I tell my Mum I’m doing the half her reply is ‘you do realize how hard it will be’ I replied ‘Mum I know for a FACT I can run for 2 hrs if I need too!’

With this conversation had several times and me replying with such confidence. It wasn’t until the night before that I realised maybe I should have done a bit more training then the 20 mins on the treadmill I had done the week before.

That Hastings Half Marathon took me 2 hrs 32 mins and all week to recover! But I ran the whole way.  And do you know what I said to my mum at the finish line?…”See mum I told you I could run for 2 hrs and just to prove my point I ran for a extra 32 mins!”

I created JasFit to help people, not only to become physically fit but mentally strong enough to take on a challenge.

To start to believe that actually I can and I will!!






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